The 5 Secrets to Pulling Off Simple, Minimal Design

White is pure and associated with beauty and good taste and for the minimalist kitchen, it is easy to keep clean. The extreme minimalist kitchen designer is likely to opt for a total saturation of white.

Whether your kitchen is a ‘cutting edge’ modern or elegantly traditional, or even contemporary rustic in style you cannot go wrong if you select white as your dominant palette.

Bright. Clean, fresh, airy, light – all of these words and many, many more are associated with white. White is the perfect colour for any modern kitchen design, an uncomplicated choice to achieve the streamlined look you desire within the minimalist kitchen designs.

Those who don’t want to subscribe to the complete white kitchen should consider adding a splash of colour on one wall, or highlight a selection of well chosen colorful cookware items to add extra interest. Fresh fruit against a white background can become decorative and inviting within your super white kitchen design. Introduce colourful elements by using creative lighting or coloured glass windows. Within a white environment the choices are endless. White can unite different materials and forms to create continuity and a feeling of harmony within the modern kitchen design. It can even disguise less perfect areas or items of furniture. White surfaces and walls are the perfect compliment to metal and wood, stone or even plastic, especially within a minimalist kitchen designs. Combine white with old features as well as modern for the perfect finish in your modern kitchen design. Finally, white is timeless, enduring and never going out of fashion – the ideal choice for the modern kitchen in your home.